... Because technology requires spaces prepared with details

Our more technical projects are carefully developed in our Engineering Department.

With the aim of achieving the maximum guarantees during the elaboration of your modular project, our team of experts will help you to evaluate the best option for the construction of special modules requiring the highest level of precision during all phases of the construction and assembly. We prepare our modules to incorporate all equipments our customer wish to add. We adapt to your technical needs and we cooperate in the integration of these equipments, thus adding value to the whole complex. We know that the use of the technical modules will be special; therefore, we offer you the safety and the quality of EUROBOX´s products.

Please find below a few examples of technical modules. If you have different needs, please do not hesitate contacting us over the phone or filling the form.

  • Telecommunications booths
  • Checkpoints
  • Radars
  • Shelters
  • Test lavas
  • First aid shelters
  • Air traffic control towers
  • Modules for solar inverters
  • Radio emission centres and multiplexers
  • Gas analysis cabins
  • Meteorological control centres
  • Plant control cabins
  • Modules for electrical and manoeuvre equipments

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