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Our real estate market has changed in recent years. For this reasons, EUROBOX is betting on the housing of the future: the modular house. Our evolution and entrepreneurial experience in the numerous fields in which EUROBOX is active has helped us to become now a reference within the industry.

EUROBOX is launching a new product line, which is aimed to become the production hub of the future. We want to offer a new housing concept, totally different from what is known today. The modular housing of EUROBOX is an exclusive residential space, created only for those living in it. For this reason, we want that our customer presents us an idea; based on it, we will help him creating, producing and assembling the space in which our customer will spend a large share of his time, its home. For this reason, at EUROBOX not only the projects are important, but also the individuals living in them.

Thanks to the advantages of the modular construction, we can offer one-family and collective housings, complying with all legal requirements, and built to the personal needs of the individuals living in them. Deadlines are reduced, the budget is closed and the quality control, exhaustive – all with the aim of avoiding any surprises.

Our homes have the same characteristics than those built the traditional way; they can be mortgaged with the same or even better guarantees and qualities. But what really makes us different is the experience that we have and the exclusivity of our residential projects.

If you are promoter or architect, discover the great benefits offered by our constructive system. Do not hesitate contacting is to know our work. Contact us at:

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