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Current times force us to face new challenges to become better day after day. At Eurobox, we bet on a new architecture model, modular or industrialized architecture. Our aim is allowing a manufacturing and industrial standardization in the manufacturing of spaces for any kind of need, thus adding many benefits, like time and cost saving and fixed deadlines and reduced acoustic and environmental pollution.

EUROBOX works for the “unlimited tailor-made modular architecture” as the integral solution for precise needs. In addition, we create modular buildings that comply with the CTE – Technical Building Code – if needed. In such way, there is no problem for you relying on the way we manufacture buildings.

We have a team of highly-qualified and specialized architects and engineers who will shape your idea. If on the contrary you already have a comprehensive project, we are prepared to execute it and make it come true.

We invite you to know some of our projects that are our guarantee, among which are schools, hospitals, corporate offices, museums and restaurants.

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